Investing in Communities

SWAP, Inc. is a private non-profit community development corporation committed to providing affordable housing opportunities.

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Historic houses being painted as part of the ongoing maintenance program of SWAP.
Inside the Reentry Campus Program. The mission of the Reentry Campus Program is to provide currently and formerly incarcerated individuals with an affordable pathway to accredited post secondary education and certification programs that are infused within the reentry process.
Construciton worker in the midst of constructing a commercial interion. They are on a ladder down a corridor of metal studs.


SWAP is committed to its mission. In addition to developing affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization, we offer programs providing home purchase guidance, financial and budget counseling, and other community services.


Recognized for its pioneering work in Providence’s South Side, SWAP rescued abandoned properties.  We engaged business leaders along with public officials and community members to develop safe affordable housing as well as critical commercial corridors.


The South Side homes and apartments with tidy landscaping and colorful window boxes, the busy local businesses, and the civic-minded neighborhood associations all speak of a community that is safe and affordable.


Today as SWAP develops affordable housing in communities throughout Rhode Island it applies policy initiatives to ensure that the needs of residents and businesses are taken into consideration to create and support an authentic safe sense of place.

Community Programs

Every year between 1200 and 1400 individuals and families of all sizes, income levels, and needs visit SWAP looking for a good home. Through our customized Intake System, we gather information on each visitor to establish a personal baseline of their financial circumstance and need. To address these needs we offer a variety of programs including:

Build A Buyer Logo

Build a Buyer is a consolidation of SWAP's financial literacy and resident advocacy programs. By developing a relationship with our customers through classes and individual counseling, SWAP is able to help individuals build their financial knowledge and capability. Through this personalized approach, SWAP is able to help individuals who started out just hoping to find an affordable apartment to eventually become successful home buyers.

Community Resident Services

This program is a resident/neighborhood advocacy program to assist renters or homeowners to stabilize and maintain their housing situation. It includes landlord/tenant mediation, eviction prevention, individual workout and budgeting assistance and linkages with available services.

Contractor Mentoring Program

The Neighborhood Contractor Mentoring Program was established by SWAP in 1998 to help neighborhood contractors improve business skills by providing instructional classes, on the job mentoring and access to financial and legal services. Currently offered in one-on-one sessions.

Construction worker walking out into the sunshine.